League of Legends Tournament Rules

As soon as the check-in starts, admins will be available on #bx3 @ quakenet. This will also be a good place to find your opponents. Admins for the qualifier is, BX3|eXciteR and BX3|jode

All players have to be registered on the team they are representing to participate in the tournament. The team leader may sign up for a tournament at any time. It is important to check-in before the tournament start. This can be done by the team leader.

Brackets will be posted as soon as the check-in has closed.

The tournament will be played 5v5 with Draft Pick settings. Teams have 10 minutes to connect to the server after both teams are done playing their previous match. The top team in the bracket will have First Pick.

Games will be played on Europe West.

A game should be remaked if a players disconnects .

Use of known bugs or expliots are not allowed.Players must play on their real accounts.Any violations will cause a team penalty decided by the admins.

After the match
Both team leaders are obligated to report the match result and be able to submit a screenshot to an admin after a match has been played.

Admins may change the rules at any time if necessary.



bx3|jode @ #bx3 quakenet
jodelol @ spillexpo på euwest ingame

Lykke til ! 🙂


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